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RESEARCH: The Methuselah Man


Places and People

The majority of the story takes place in the United States: Palo Alto, California, Las Vegas, Nevada and Washington DC. Dr. Joe Rosenfeld was modeled after a long-time friend of mine from college. I did my Masters work in counseling with Joe at Northern Illinois University, but Joe got really serious about his studies and went on to the University of Chicago for his doctorate. His secretary, Liz Charles, was a friend of mine from my Philips Semiconductors days. Other characters were modeled (or simply named) after friends; some are pure fiction.


Things I learned enroute to looking up other stuff!!


The Methuselah Man

          We first meet Wes at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. where he and Crandall Forsyth refer to two names, people that they knew. Both of these young men were real, but never got to live their lives. I saw a touring version of The Wall in Cheyenne, WY while I was visiting Jim and Carol Marshall (also characters in the book!), and made a point of finding Dennis and Dale. Hopefully, mentioning them in this story will help those who knew them best and were closest to them know that they are not forgotten. Click their names for their remembrances: Dennis Greenwald & Dale Plote (prn Ploh-tee)

          Items of interest regarding Methesulah gene research and thoughts on Aging...

The Methuselah Report

The Human Aging Process

Discovery of the Methuselah Gene

Genes and Ageing - II

Cracking the Longevity Code

Aging Revealed

          Another major theme of The Methuselah Man deals with nuclear energy, both for peace and war. The movie Fatman and Little Boy was informative on many counts, not the least of which was the slow, agonizing death of John Cusack's character. But beyond cinema, I needed to know more about radiation and its effects. While I was still living in Palo Alto, CA I visited my friends in Las Vegas, Ron and Donna, to do some research. In addition to going to the Las Vegas Atomic Testing Museum (a fascinating and informative place to visit if you're ever here), Ron and Donna made reservations for us to take the tour of the Mercury Test Site. Here are some of the things I learned about this subject:

Albert Einstein letter to FDR - 1939

World Nuclear Energy Background

Radiation Sickness

Radiation Poisoning

          Another key concept in The Methuselah Man is the Methuselah Man himself, Jared Kennan Cain, and his body's ability to fend off disease. I wanted to know what kinds of diseases are out there and what their symptoms might be. This is some of what I found...

Communicable Diseases


Armageddon online


          And then there was travel! When I write about planes or trains, I generally need to know two things: do they travel where my characters need to go; and what are their schedules. In The Methuselah Man, a great sub-plot deals with a train ride from Kiev to Bucharest, and Bucharest on to Istanbul. I had to do a bit of research to find out if this route was possible, and what their schedule would be. I also got some pix of the compartment that my character Taras Ostrovsky would occupy for this trip. Those pix are in the PHOTOS section, and here is some other stuff I found...

Train Schedules Kiev-Istanbul

Calculations for the Trip


          Finally, there were miscellaneous pieces of the puzzle. The PATRIOT Act, the FBI, the dying process, and Life After Death! For the last two, I would suggest the works of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, who writes about the five stages of the dying process. And a key book on life after death was written by Raymond Moody in the '70s. I had read it back then but couldn't find my copy (I tend to loan out books I like and then forget to get them back!), but I was fortunate enough to find one lone copy at a bookstore in Menlo Park a couple years ago. I believe it is out of print, but you might be able to find a copy in a library, or find some other writings on the subject...a fascinating one, to be sure! As to the first two items noted above, here is what I found...

PATRIOT ACT (BTW, read this then let me know how safe -- and 'private' -- you feel!)

San Francisco FBI Offices



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