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"The Methuselah Man" and "Sacrament of Fear" - Screenplays

If you are a movie producer or a literary agent with contacts to movie producers, please contact us via this website or will.dresser@yahoo.com regarding these two properties! You can download them here for review at your convenience.




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  Welcome to WillDresser.com

I hope you'll find this site entertaining, informative, and easy to navigate as you discover the beguiling world of Wes Franklin, Ashley Jordan, and Aryana. Look below to see what's inside. And as you scroll down the page, please listen to the accompanying musical selection. This is one of my original compositions entitled "Persian Dreams - Aryana's Theme"...Enjoy!


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The Billionaires Club
When does a man have enough?
…For one man, when he has it all!
On New Year’s Day the richest man in the world is gunned down on the streets of Mexico City and everyone on the Forbes list of billionaires moves up a notch! But in February, March, and April, each successive title holder turns up dead before month’s end and it becomes clear the title has a terrible cost!

In May, despite Wes Franklin’s efforts to protect her, the newly crowned #1 Richest Person is killed, sending a ripple of panic through the global financial community. In a bold move to lure the killer into the open, an enigmatic friend of Wes steps forward to claim the #1 ranking, thus making himself the next target. It is now up to Wes, A.J., and Aryana to make sure this special friend does not become the next former member of the world’s most exclusive group of people…



...cloaked in the guise of a terrorist act, a father takes revenge

for the senseless and brutal death of his son

ForeWord Clarion Review - Four of Five Stars

Some Reader Reviews

Following a series of deaths around the world from seemingly “natural causes,” the Special Assistant to the Minister President of The Netherlands, Frans Roobeek, recognizes a special link between the list of victims and his American friend, Wes Franklin…all are members of a secret intelligence network—The Cloister of Akhenaten, or Ankh Network—and Wes may soon become the next member to meet his end by “natural causes”!


Wes Franklin emerges from the jungles of Columbia with his technology-savvy girl friend, Ashley Jordan, and his weapons expert and Persian strongman, Aryana, to investigate the deaths. Together, they chase down clues from Holland, Scotland, and Damascus to uncover and foil a diabolical plot to launch an unprecedented wave of terror somewhere in Europe.

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"God, I never knew a man who wanted so much to be dead…

or deserved it more.”


ForeWord Clarion Review - Four of Five Stars

24 - Reader Reviews

President Treem, an idealist young president, is determined to change the nuclear face of the world by unilateral example. Vice President George S. Austin, an old-school war hero, is convinced these new policies are both naive and dangerous. Secretary of State Crandall Forsyth, fearing the Vice President is about to take drastic steps to subvert the President’s nuclear agenda, and uncertain how deep the Vice President’s conspiracy runs, turns to the one man outside of the government he can trust—his long-time friend Wes Franklin, a member of an independent international intelligence group known as THE ANKH NETWORK.

Into this central plot steps Jared Kennan Cain, a man with a perfect genetic structure who appears to be immortal. Cain has escaped from The Genetic Discovery Corporation, a Palo Alto-based secret government organization tasked with developing biological weapons systems. Two years of experiments to study Cain’s unique system have been documented in a file labeled THE METHUSELAH MAN. Could he be the ultimate weapon?


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"Fully in command of her body, it was apparent she owned the stage.

With the first few honeyed tones of her voice, she would own the world."

Under the management and direction of Dima Gregorovich, the Russian rock’n’roll band REVOLVER has become the biggest international sensation since The BEATLES. But when people associated with the band start turning up dead during their first-ever US Tour, their extraordinary success may all come to an early end!

From the beautiful blue waters of the Cayman Islands to the dangerous Russian streets of Minusinsk, Siberia, Wes, A.J., and Aryana, risk their lives to unravel a web of deception, expose secret identities, and bring an end to a deadly subterfuge that threatens to turn the band into Terminal Rock!


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"Truth never happens in real time. Events happen, sources are cited, authorities offer up explanations. But 'truth' requires time. Time to shed illusions. Time to fend off lies. Time to evolve. And in the end, after all have had their say, '

truth' will have the last word, and continue to light our way.

Screen Writers Guild Registration Number: 1493333

Parties interested in optioning this property, please contact me at will.dresser@sbcglobal.net

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"Big Stick diplomacy ensures our safety for only as long as our side has the biggest club. The day those we would dominate obtain their own Big Stick, we should pray our past words were gracious and our past actions benevolent.

If archaeology has taught us anything about ourselves,

it is that we have been slow to learn this lesson."

Screen Writers Guild Registration Number: 1559005

Parties interested in optioning this property, please contact me at will.dresser@sbcglobal.net

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Behind the scenes of the writer's world...

  • Pics 'n' Flix: Wes Franklin stories take place in the real world and I try to make a concerted effort to describe locations for you in a way that helps you conjur up clear visions of the Wes Franklin terrain. In the Photo Gallery, you will find photos identifying where you will discover these locations in the novels. In addition, I have included a home movie of the Bellagio Fountain (Mac users click here) water show on the Las Vegas Strip, as this is the site of the nuclear climax in The Methuselah Man.

Bellagio Fountain

  • Background Research: While the novels are strictly the product of a fertile imagination, I try to include plenty of factual data and events so as to enhance the story's believability. Here, I have provided some of the more interesting things I have come across as my stories have evolved. Where possible, I will include some web links, as well.


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