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Terminal Rock


Terminal Rock

          I contacted a radio DJ friend, Terrie Springs of KKLZ 96.3 FM in Las Vegas, to help me create a faux interview of the Russian rock band, REVOLVER. Since the band only exists in my mind (and both books, The Methuselah Man on the train, and this new work), I thought I would find some pictures of Russian models that would approximate my image of the band. That way Terrie would have some visual reference as she considered what questions she might ask. Second, there is a sequence in the book that takes place in Havana (which I have obviously not visited) featuring the very famous Cuban band, Los Van Van (which translates to The Go Go's interestingly enough). What I learned was that one of their very famous songs has the same structure as the Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil (a great song!) and that, in fact, Los Van Van is often referred to as the Cuban Rolling Stones! Below are some very entertaining representations of those things in the book... I think you'll love this...

The Band - REVOLVER (as I would imagine them)

 Anda, Ven y Muevete: by Los Van Van, featuring Pedrito Calvo

Sympathy for the Devil: Rolling Stones live version. With some classic 'Mick' moves!! 


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