The Methuselah Man

Chapters 1-20






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Revised Website

I am currently upgrading this entire website, to include my music, music videos, and a Blog.




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"The Methuselah Man" and "Sacrament of Fear" - Screenplays

If you are a movie producer or a literary agent with contacts to movie producers, please contact us via this website or regarding these two properties! You can download them here for review at your convenience.




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"Website Changes"

I am revising my website to reflect new material.





The Chronicles of Cain


"Archaeologists are the still photographers of history. We uncover a moment in time and weave a story from the remains. Last year saw the marriage of motion pictures with sound and the mind reels at the possibilities for future archaeologists to know and understand the ancient stories yet untold about today. One cannot help but wonder how well future generations will ‘know’ us.”

Prof. Robert Reid Clark

University of Edinburgh

Co-Founder, The Cloister of Akhenaten, 1928

TCoC   Coming later this year...2017






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