The Methuselah Man

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The Methuselah Man

"God, I never knew a man who wanted so much to be dead…

or deserved it more."

President Treem, an idealist young president, is determined to change the nuclear face of the world by unilateral example. Vice President George S. Austin, an old-school war hero, is convinced these new policies are both naive and dangerous. Secretary of State Crandall Forsyth, fearing the Vice President is about to take drastic steps to subvert the President’s nuclear agenda, and uncertain how deep the Vice President’s conspiracy runs, turns to the one man outside of the government he can trust—his long-time friend Wes Franklin, a member of an independent international intelligence group known as THE ANKH NETWORK.

Into this central plot steps Jared Kennan Cain, a man with a perfect genetic structure who appears to be immortal. Cain has escaped from The Genetic Discovery Corporation, a Palo Alto-based secret government organization tasked with developing biological weapons systems. Two years of experiments to study Cain’s unique system have been documented in a file labeled THE METHUSELAH MAN. Could he be the ultimate weapon?


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What readers are saying about

The Methuselah Man

Ready for the Sequel

...non-stop suspense and careful development of the main characters…left me longing for more... I'm hooked on Wes Franklin---another sequel cannot be published too quickly for me!

Snow Diz, Williams Bay, WI

Get Your Work Done!!!

...once you pick up this book…it will become very difficult to put it down, for even a moment!! The suspense and energy will have you carrying this book with you until you have finished the story…Book groups...get this book!!!

— Gail, Green Bay, WI

Thinking person's beach book

Loved it!…tough to put down. Lots of twists and turns right up to the end…Wes Franklin is a great lead character and I can't wait to meet him again.

— Lakelady, Lake Geneva, WI

This book will make you think!

...a really smart and engaging international thriller…an unforgettable journey…embracing a variety of worlds including politics, espionage, corruption, medicine, science, and religion, while adding a rich play on ethical and moral dilemmas.…Every scene is so well detailed with sights, sounds and character descriptions I feel as though I am watching a movie.

— Mary, Chicago, IL

A Real Page Turner

...not only entertaining on multiple levels, but timely as well…If you're a fan of Clive Cussler, Ken Follett, Jack Higgins…you're gonna love this book.

— Ron, Las Vegas, NV


...Suspenseful, thrilling, catches you right from the start- loved it, loved it. Pick it up immediately, you won't regret it!!

BetaOri, Heidelberg, Germany

You Will Not Be Able To Put This One Down

...hold on to your seat, you are about to take off on an adventure the likes of which you have never experienced before…a fast moving story with many twists and turns…I am hoping for a sequel!...Recommended with enthusiasm!

Kathleen, SW PA

What an amazing story of intrigue, deception and honor

...more twists and turns than Lombard Street in San Francisco. You will be kept on the edge of your seat...After you finish the book go back and re-read the opening chapter and you will be left smiling at the way this story all came together…I loved this book.

— “Pastor Dan”, Wichita, KS

A very good and entertaining book

I enjoy this genre of story and this particular book was an excellent example and fun to read…excitement, love, mystery and purpose…Jared Cain could command a series unto himself …Highly recommended!

Larry (Lake Forest, CA)

A Great Read

...a wonderfully masterminded tale of…Jared Kennan Cain...interleaves the single-minded machinations of high ranking political brokers against those wanting to do `the right thing' for mankind. Immortality and nuclear irresponsibility…leads us on chases and, at last, culminates in an extremely satisfying ending…A great read for anyone interested in thrillers. I'll definitely be re-reading it again….

NickP (Tucson, AZ)

This author has a line on the human senses

...once I picked it up I did not want to put it down... sent my imagination reeling…grabbed me from the beginning and just kept it coming with great story telling adventures and enthusiasm in what and how the author wrote this book…this author has a line on the human senses that left me wanting to read the next book he writes…a movie on this would be fantastic!

    Kathryn (Ingram, TX)

Fantastic Novel!

...a magic carpet that swoops down and carries one away on a grand journey…a macabre dance of international intrigue on a cross-European continental railway…[that] honors the great classic cinema railway scenes of the past, such as those found in North By Northwest, From Russia with Love, and The Silver Streak...O'Henry himself would be proud to call this ironic and unexpected ending his own.

Marcus Hill Shelz (Burlington, WI)


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