Sacrament of Fear

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Sacrament of Fear

...cloaked in the guise of a terrorist act, a father takes revenge

for the senseless and brutal death of his son


Following a series of deaths around the world from seemingly “natural causes,” the Special Assistant to the Minister President of The Netherlands, Frans Roobeek, recognizes a special link between the list of victims and his American friend, Wes Franklin…all are members of a secret intelligence network—The Cloister of Akhenaten, or Ankh Network—and Wes may soon become the next member to meet his end by “natural causes”!


Wes Franklin emerges from the jungles of Columbia with his technology-savvy girl friend, Ashley Jordan, and his weapons expert and Persian strongman, Aryana, to investigate the deaths. Together, they chase down clues from Holland, Scotland, and Damascus to uncover and foil a diabolical plot to launch an unprecedented wave of terror somewhere in Europe.


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ForeWord Clarion Review - Four of Five Stars


Some Reader Reviews


Jim Jacobson (December 8, 2012, Onalaska, WI)

Excellent Read, almost like Will lived the adventures he wrote in this book. I enjoyed this book, it was excellent, intriguing, and had a lot of excitement, love, and mystery. I highly recommend this book!


What is the motive for "Sacrament of Fear"?

Peggy A. Dozier (December 6, 2012, Mountain View, CA)

To instill fear of a terrorist attack is perhaps worse than an actual attack...the premise of the book, by Will Dresser. Who are the bad guys, who are the good guys, and the wheels of hatred are on a collision course. Will Wes Franklin and his cohorts be able to stop the train before they are successful in their global plot of fear?
Exceptionally written, thought provoking, and a diabolical novel that keeps you needing to know...


Gorgeous Description and Plenty of Action

Teressa Morris (November 16, 2012, Napa, CA)

After my review of Will Dresser's second book, The Methuselah Man, I was itching to read the first book in the series, Sacrament of Fear, so I could get the back story on the main characters, Wes Franklin, his girlfriend A.J. and their coworker and friend, Rouzbeh Aryana, as well as the history of the Cloister of Akhenaten. So I was very excited when my copy of Sacrament of Fear arrived in the mail.

I was definitely not disappointed. The description in the book was gorgeous. It made me feel like I was right there in the middle of the action, especially when Wes, A.J. and Aryana are fighting guerillas in the jungles of Columbia, meeting with the Dutch government at The Hague, and exclaiming over the interior of a Morgan Plus 8 sports car.

The history of the Cloister of Akhenaten was very interesting and filled in a lot of the questions I had from The Methuselah Man. I also enjoyed the story of how Wes and A.J. met and later fell in love. My only complaint about the book was that in some ways the main characters are too perfect.


Creative and Unique Plot

Larry Rifken (October 16, 2012, Lake Forest, CA)

This book is an excellent read. I have now read two of this author’s novels and both have surprised me with their unique characters and creative plots. With Will Dresser, we are dealing with an imaginative author who simply knows how to tell a darn good story.


Great Book

Carol (September 24, 2012, Bartlett, IL)

I have Sacrament of Fear on my Kindle and it is very easy to read.
It is very hard to put it down at dinner time.


How best can you terrorize the world?

William D. Curnutt “Pastor Dan” (May 24, 2012, Wichita, KS, United States)

Will Dresser hits a home run with this Wes Franklin novel. Dr. Wes Franklin is part of a unique group of people, The Cloister of Akhenaten, who are committed to serving others. But suddenly members of the group start to die. They all appear to die of normal medical conditions, but it seems odd that they would start dying all at the same time and within days of each other.

Wes is first contacted by his friends in The Netherlands who are part of The Hague and specifically part of a unique group of people keeping an eye on terrorism. One of their members has died, a friend of Wes's, but also he is a member of The Cloister of Akhenaten. As Wes goes to The Netherlands for the funeral he is brought face to face with the situation of his other friends also dying.

It turns out that there is a group of Syrian businessmen, terrorist, who are working on a way to literally scare people to death! They plan on putting their drug into the food supply and thus manipulating the "fears" of people and causing mass hysteria that will force governments to do things they wouldn't normally due. Their hope is to bring about revolution amongst the populace that will bring down the major governments of Europe and eventually the United States.

But they have taken on a task first to eliminate The Cloister of Akhenaten. The question is why? But the further question is, can Wes and his friends stop them before they unleash their drug on the world?
The writing is excellent and the suspense will build as you get into the story. Dr. Franklin and his group of 'hero's' will again have to perform extraordinary detective work and stop the terrorist before they can strike.
What I really enjoyed about the book was the fact that Will Dresser also has Muslim characters in the book who are not terrorist, but are Godly, moral people who care about others and do not want to be lumped in with the extremists. I think the writing brings about a good balance and gives good lessons for each of us to learn. Not all Muslims are bad people. They love their families, they love those of other religions as well. They are good people.

But thank God for groups like the Cloister of Akhenaten and people like Wes Franklin who strive to keep the world free of evil, free of danger and free to live in peace.



Kept Me Guessing Until the End

Teressa Morris (Aug 17, 2012, Napa, CA)

Truth never happens in real time is one of the underlying themes of this gripping thrill ride. The Methuselah Man combines game theory, the Black Plague, human growth hormone, weapons grade plutonium, near death experiences and conspiracy theory for a book with more twists and turns then the Pacific Coast Highway (which also plays a part in the story). If James Patterson and David Baldacci had a baby (with Ian Fleming the proud grandpa), Will Dresser might have been that offspring. This book kept me guessing up until the very end.

The Methuselah Man is the second Wes Franklin book, with a third currently in the works. I can't wait to go back and read what I missed in book one, Sacrament of Fear. No matter what your opinion on nuclear build-down (or immortality, for that matter), Dresser's cast of eclectic characters (including strong women) will draw you in and make you care.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.


Enjoyable read

Jack Tuite (September 24, 2012, CA)

The book is well written. The story line is plausible. The characters are very likable. I also like many of the basic ideas expressed in the book, in particular the characterization about the Islam religion. This is an enjoyable read!


A fast paced, thrilling read

Kathleen Wagner (June 7, 2012, SWPA)

In my reviews you will often find mention of the characters who populate the story. A good tale well told is, of course essential. But to me, just as essential is good company. Avid readers will agree I think, that good characters will stay with you for a long time. They become like old friends.

Any thriller requires a certain suspension of belief. This is one reason I enjoy reading them. An escape to somewhere where someone is having a worse day than I am! Or just a spirited romp through a place I will never see, in circumstances I hope to never experience. But, I do like to be in good company. Will Dresser provides this.

Wes Franklin, Rouzbeh Aryana, and Ashley "AJ" Jordan are allies in the fight against evil, not just here in the United States, but around the world. They are a finely tuned machine, but also share an abiding love and loyalty. We learn that Aryana has already nearly given his life for his friend Wes, actually taking a bullet meant for the other man. Wes and AJ are not only partners in the avocation they share, but they are kindred spirits and lovers.

Books about terror and terrorists are a dime a dozen these days. This one has its share of terrorists, and a cool breeze of politics blows through. Sometimes cool enough to send a chill down your spine.

Dressers book is a thriller, but it is so much more. Wes is far from average, and this shows in everything he attempts in both this book, and the second book in the Wes Franklin series, The Methuselah Man.

I strongly recommend this fast paced book. But when you finish reading it, do yourself a favor and read The Methuselah Man. You will meet the team from this book, in an even more fascinating and electrifying adventure. I look forward to book three in this series.




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