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Terminal Rock

Fully in command of her body, it was apparent she owned the stage.
With the first few honeyed tones of her voice, she would own the world.

Under the management and direction of Dima Gregorovich, the Russian rock’n’roll band REVOLVER has become the biggest international sensation since The BEATLES. But when people associated with the band start turning up dead during their first-ever US Tour, their extraordinary success may all come to an early end!

From the beautiful blue waters of the Cayman Islands to the dangerous streets of Minusinsk, Siberia, Wes, A.J., and Aryana, risk their lives to unravel a web of deception, expose secret identities, and bring an end to a deadly subterfuge that threatens to turn the band into Terminal Rock!


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What readers are saying about

Terminal Rock

Great Read!

This is an excellent book! Very well written, suspenseful and fun to read. This author is very talented and has 3 other books that are just as good! When will Will Dresser write another Wes Franklin novel?? We are waiting patiently.

- Carol A. Hayes

As a Wes Franklin fan

Terminal Rock is a bit of a departure from what I found in Sacrament of Fear, and The Methuselah Man, which was my favorite so far. I say departure, because music plays a large part here, particularly the fictional music group REVOLVER. The group is central to the story, in that it take place around them, for the most part.

Wes and A.J. Are their usual charismatic selves, always a pleasure to see them at work. The descriptive passages of the locations were pure pleasure for me, Dresser creates a sense of place very well. As always his characters are enjoyable, which is important to me. I can't be bothered to read a book peopled with unlikeable or two dimensional characters.

If you love a fast paced thriller, especially if you love music, too...pick this one up right now and dig in. My prediction is that you will find it hard to put down. Give it some time, it takes a few chapters for the pace to pick up. Once it does, you won't want to step away until you know how it all comes together in an ending with quite a flair!

- Just Kath VINE VOICE

Murder mystery and the rise of a rock band to rival The Beatles

Will Dresser combines his love for Rock music with his love for a murder mystery, the result a novel that you will love. Dina Gregorivch has discovered a new Rock band, REVOLVER, that will take the world by storm. These four Russian and one German young adults have combined their talents to bring a fresh new voice to music. Dima has groomed them and with twenty million in cash (from some shady investors) he will take them on their first tour. With lots of front work, lots of air coverage for their music that has risen to the top of the charts these kids will hit the ground running.

But before they even play their first live concert one of their investors is found dead, apparently from a diving accident. Wes Franklin just happens to be on vacation where the body washes up un shore. He has also had a chance meeting with the lead singer of the band when he rescued her from an aggressive fan, who turns out to be the floater.

Now the story hits as fast a pace as the rise of the band. Sold out concerts, bodies starting to pile up, shady promoters and body guards that don't act like real body guards bring Wes and his partner, A.J., to a fevered pitch of activity to protect the band and solve the mystery.

Will Dresser's love for Rock N Roll shines in this novel as he gives a great history lesson on the greats of the industry as well as paint a great picture of how a band can take the world on a wild ride. Add to this his good use of mystery and suspense to weave a plot line that will leave you wondering who the Gilliam really is and who will die next or can Wes and A.J. Save the day and the band.

I don't want to give away anything, but frankly this is a great read and it will leave you cheering for the band and the good guys and hopefull for the demise of the bad guys. Yeah, some people deserve to die, or do they?

After being able to met Will Dresser in person I am convinced that he has hit a home run in his desire to weave his two loves together in this novel. His heroes, Dr. Wes Franklin and A.J. are fast becoming two of my favorite crime fighting duo's.

Thank you Will for a great novel, I can't wait for the next adventure.

- William D. Curnutt VINE VOICE

Terminal Rock ROCKS!

When I picked up the book I really had high expectations having enjoyed 'Sacrament of Fear'. I take books with me when I travel, but am easily bored and just put them down and don't pick them back up. NOT SO with Terminal Rock. It does not disappoint! The book grabbed my interest in the first few pages and didn't let it go...

Between the mystery, the rock and roll, the characters and the philosophical underpinnings, I loved Terminal Rock.

- Valerie Simon



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