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"The Methuselah Man" and "Sacrament of Fear" - Screenplays

If you are a movie producer or a literary agent with contacts to movie producers, please contact us via this website or regarding these two properties! You can download them here for review at your convenience.




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RESEARCH: Sacrament of Fear


Places and People

I prefer to have been to the locations I write about in my stories. For most locations in this storyThe Netherlands, France, and Scotland—I drew from my direct experiences traveling around those places, and used the names of friends or historical figures for my characters. But for some locations that has not always been possible. In those cases I find the Internet to be invaluable in learning about those areas both for geography and history. In those instances, I relied on Google Earth for terrain and street names, and the Internet for cultural information, as well as hotels, taxis, and the Souk. I also used a travel book on Syria for names, language, and customs. And I called on my personal experience of many months in Peshawar, Pakistan to establish the sensory inputs I would anticipate were I to travel to Damascus.

For my characters in The Hague, I used the names of friends from my years with Philips Semiconductors.


Things I learned enroute to looking up other stuff!!


Quran excerpts

Witchcraft Trials Synopsis

Salem in 1692

The Victims

What is a Pagan

Wicca FAQs

Wiccan Beliefs

Witchcraft in Salem

Witchcraft Trials Synopsis




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