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"The Methuselah Man" and "Sacrament of Fear" - Screenplays

If you are a movie producer or a literary agent with contacts to movie producers, please contact us via this website or will.dresser@yahoo.com regarding these two properties! You can download them here for review at your convenience.




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Will Dresser

Will Dresser

Will has had an eclectic career, which included: Lifeguarding in the summer from 1964-'67; men's clothing sales with Epstein's in Elgin, IL in '66-'67; Defense Intelligence work in Pakistan in '68/'69 (which included advanced training at the NSA in '68 before heading to Peshawar) and Southeast Asian Defense Analysis, '69-'71 at SAC Headquarters in Omaha, NE; work as an Alcohol/Drug Counselor in the late '70s; Field Office Director for Employment Training Programs in the early '80s; various audio and video endeavors in the mid-'80s (which included being instrumental in helping CBS make its first-ever stereo broadcast of the 1985 Grammy Awards in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas); a long career in Silicon Valley with Philips Semiconductors from the late '80s to 2003; and a five-year stint as a paralegal in a patent law office specializing in chemistry and biogenetic patents in Palo Alto, CA from 2005-2010. From 1999-2004, Will also had an audio/video production company (URS Digital Productions) in Santa Clara, CA. He is now enjoying semi-retirement in Las Vegas, while pursuing his passion for writing, as well as doing some music and video recording projects in his ProTools/Final Cut Pro home studio. As he puts it, "I had to retire just to keep up with my workload!"

Will's creative expression in writing over the years was primarily applied to writing music and lyrics, a passion which he has enjoyed since about 1965. The instrumental "Persian Dreams - Aryana's Theme", used on the home page of this site, was written in the early '90s, and the instrumental portion of "Nefertari", the second selection on the home page, was written in 1999, and featuries the electric lead guitar of Marc Brendan Judson.

Will and Ron Turouske (see below), best friends since 1962, actually began their artistic collaborations way back in 1963, when they helped each other learn to play guitars, subsequently forming various folk singing groups during that time. Will had always intended to be a novelist, though, and in 2003 turned his attention to that genre with the work "Sacrament of Fear," his first 'Wes Franklin' novel. Since then he has written "The Methuselah Man", "Terminal Rock", and "The Billionaires Club", and is currently working on the next two Wes Franklin novels, "The Chronicles of Cain" (for 2017) and "The Privacy Pirates" (for 2018).




Ron Turouske

After 30+ years in national and international marketing, Ron retired in Las Vegas. His degrees in marketing and film made him the ideal partner to help his lifelong friend, Will Dresser, bring his Wes Franklin international thrillers to the big screen. Aside from working with Will on screenplays, Ron spends his time on travel and performance art as a Wizard.


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